Hybrid Ovoids

Hybrid dichroic ovoids
HYW-O-LG Hybrid Dichroic Ovoid, large
HYW-O-MD Hybrid Dichroic Ovoid, medium
HYW-O-SM Hybrid Dichroic Ovoid, small
crystal on black
Crystal on Black
black on crystal
Black on Crystal

Fused And Carved Soda Lime Glass

ovoids sizes
Wearable Sizes
Large 5/8"+ (16 mm+)
Medium 9/16"+ (14 mm+)
Small 1/2"+ (12.7 mm+)
Large 2.6 oz (76 gr)
Medium 1.7 oz (50 gr)
Small 0.5 oz (14 gr)

All lengths and weights are approximate.